The Pennsylvania Academy of Science was organized in Harrisburg on April 18, 1924 to promote science and the scientific spirit in Pennsylvania. The academy is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Association of Academies of Science. Formally incorporated through the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County on November 16, 1964, the initial registered office of the corporation was Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. The corporation was formed for the purpose of encouraging scientific research, promoting interest in the teaching of science, and stimulating the exchange of ideas among those engaged in scientific research in Pennsylvania. When the American Association for the Advancement of Science appointed a national executive to coordinate the various Junior Academies of Science in the United States, the Pennsylvania Academy of Science followed the lead by organizing the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science in 1934. The records of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science consist of journals, proceedings, annual reports, newsletters, financial statements, receipts, invoices, audits, photographs, a video, minutes, correspondence, and membership data. The series, Historians’ Publications and Reports, contains a book list which includes The Abstracts of Papers of the 145th National Meeting, 3-8 January 1979, Houston, Texas, edited by Arthur Herschman, that summarizes papers relevant to the African American experience:

• "Minority Access and Representation in Higher Education: An Empirical Assessment," by Gail E. Thomas.

• "Institutional Selection Policies and Educational Enrollment Patterns of Black Students," by Edgar Epps.

• "Standardized Testing as a Barrier to Black Higher Education Enrollment," by Charles V. Willie.

• "The Status of Minority Value in Higher Education and Career Outcomes," by Doris T. Wilkinson.

• Access of Minority Students to Professional Schools: Pre- and Post-Bakke Trends and Policies," by James E. Blackwell.

• Increasing Minority Access to College by Increasing the Potential Availability Pool: Some Legislative Remedies," by Frank Brown.

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