Functions relating to the management and protection of the natural resources of the Commonwealth were centralized in the Department of Environmental Resources in 1971. Under the terms of legislation passed in the previous year, the Department of Forests and Waters and the Department of Mines and Mineral Industries were then abolished and their powers and duties assigned to Environmental Resources. In addition, specific responsibilities for the protection of environmental resources previously vested in the Departments of Agriculture, Health, and Labor and Industry, and the State Planning Board were also transferred to the department. In 1996, the functions of the Department of Environmental Resources were split between two newly created agencies: the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


Agricultural Migrant Labor Camp Program Files, 1969-1976. (2 boxes) Arranged alphabetically by subject. Committee meeting reports, correspondence, statistics, and training materials relating to the program to monitor environmental conditions in labor camps. File entries relating to African Americans include: an evaluation of the migrant labor camp program for the 1973-1974 season; minutes and reports of the Governor’s Committee on Migrant Services, 1970-1973; reports of the Governor’s Interdepartmental Council on Seasonal Farm Workers, 1974-1976; migrant labor camp files, 1969-1976; 20th Century Slavery: Report on Migrant Workers in Pennsylvania by James J. A. Gallagher; applications for migrant labor camp registration certificates; tables and charts of migrant populations; lists of contact persons for migrant education in Pennsylvania; and letters and reports on migrant camp awards violations.


Public Hearing Transcripts, 1971-1982. (13 cartons) The Environmental Quality Board formulates, adopts and promulgates rules and regulations under which the Department of Environmental Resources operates. These rules and regulations ensure environmental protection of the state’s water, air, mining and land resources. Included with these transcripts are Rules and Regulations, Title 25-Environmental Resources. Those that directly relate to African Americans are "Subpart D, Environmental Health and Safety, Article II, Institutions and Housing, Chapter 177," and "Migrant Labor Camps" in which African Americans were employed. Included also are several proposals and amendments to Chapter 177 concerning environmental conditions in the labor camps, and "notices of violations" of environmental regulations with regard to migrant labor camps.

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