The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation was created in 1970 as a merger of the Department of Highways, the Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and related agencies. It is the supervising authority of all state highways, airports, and other matters dealing with transportation.


Main File, 1970-1976. (12.5 cartons) {unprocessed} This is a continuation of the Main File of RG 12, RECORDS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS and numbers over 10,000 black and white and color negatives of varying size with matching contact prints or enlargements. The file, arranged by number, is accompanied by a logbook with numerical entries containing subject, date, photographer, etc. Topics cover activities of the department, publicity, and news events from the administration of Governors Shafer and Shapp. Included are photographs of African Americans. Of special interest is the swearing in of C. Delores Tucker as secretary of state with Judge Genevieve Blatt and Governor Milton Shapp, January 6, 1975. Tucker was the first African American appointed as secretary of state in Pennsylvania, as well as in the United States. A sampling of other photographs include: Governor Shapp signing the Proclamation for Afro-American History Month, February 1976, with the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History in attendance; Governor Shapp signing the Proclamation for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Voter Registration Day; a luncheon on April, 17, 1974 featuring Rev. Jesse Jackson; and a photograph of William Young, secretary of Labor and Industry.

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