The Local Government Commission was created in 1935 to provide research assistance on local government issues to individual legislators and to the entire General Assembly. The commission, a bipartisan legislative service agency, is composed of five senators and five house members, appointed by the president pro tempore of the senate and speaker of the house, respectively. Administrative duties and functions of the commission are carried out by a professional staff under the direction of an executive director.

Summaries of Legislation, 1974-1983. {unprocessed} Contains summaries to bills signed by the governor which related to African Americans, such as:

• Senate Bill #56l, Unfair Insurance Practices Act, July 22, 1974.

• House Bill #1386, Pennsylvania Minority Business Development Authority Act, July 22, 1974.

• Senate Bills #1221, #1222, and #1223, Unemployment Compensation Law, December 5, 1974,

• Senate Bill #738, which authorized municipalities to expend federal general revenue sharing funds or general funds for social services programs for the poor, the disabled, and the aging, and to jointly cooperate in the sponsorship, establishment, administration, maintenance, and operation of such programs, December 10, 1974.

• House Bill #921, which amended the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

• Senate Bill #1618, regarding the Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center.

• House Bill #1756, which provided for the observance of January 15 of each year as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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