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MG 147
14 cu. ft.

Correspondence and land papers of Dr. John Anderson (b. 1770, d. 1840) and various family members. Dr. Anderson was a graduate of Dickinson College, 1789, and of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, 1791. At various times, Anderson was the prothonotary, register, recorder, commissioner, and deputy surveyor of Bedford County; president of the Juniata Coal Company and of the Allegheny Bank of Pennsylvania, Bedford; and an owner of vast acreage, some of which provided a right-of-way for the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Company. The latter business operation was one of Anderson's most ambitious projects. Dr. Anderson devoted himself in the latter part of his life to the development of the famed Bedford Mineral Springs, records of which are included. His wife, Mary Espy Anderson (b. 1779, d. 1815), was a granddaughter of Colonel George Woods, who settled in Bedford in 1751, and a daughter of Colonel David Espy, an officer of the Revolutionary War and a delegate to the provincial convention held at Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, 1775. Papers of George Woods, David Espy, Espy L. Anderson (son of John Anderson), and Major William Watson Anderson (son of Espy L. Anderson), are also included, as are papers of other members of the marriage-related Espy, Woods, and Watson families. Also contained in the papers are Bedford County Militia records, 1775-1794, and a considerable number of Civil War letters.

Correspondence of Dr. John Anderson, 1785-1809:

Andrew Allen Espy L. Anderson J. P. Anderson
Thomas Astley Robert H. Awl Richard Bache
Hugh Barclay John Y. Barclay William Barton
William J. Bell Horace Binney James Blaine
Samuel Breck Enos Bronson Edward Burd
Pierce Butler Thomas Cadwalader George Campbell
William Cathcart Richard Caton John Reynolds Coates
Robert H. Coleman Charles Coxe John Coxe
Richard Coxe Tench Coxe William Coxe
Henry Drinker, Jr. James Dunlop Peter Stephen DuPonceau
Joseph Joshua Dyster James Eakin Isaac Eaton
David Espy James Finley James C. Fisher
Samuel W. Fisher George D. Foulke Hyman Gratz
Simon Gratz Robert Hambleton James Hamilton
William Hartley Isaac Hazlehurst William Hodgson
John Holliday Henry Hollingsworth Thomas Jones
John Kidd Abraham Kintzing George Latimer
James Latimer David Lenox George A. Madeira
John F. Mifflin William Orbison Jeremiah Parker
William Parker Isaac Parrish Robert Patterson
Richard Peters William Phillips John Pickering
Octavius Pickering Samuel Pleasants William Proctor, Jr.
James Ross Dr. Benjamin Rush Alexander Scott
James Searight George Sheaff George W. Smith
Joseph Smith Richard Smith William Peters Smith
William Steel Thomas Stewardson Samuel Stillman
William W. Taylor John Tod William H. Tod
George Vaux Duncan S. Walker Jonathan H. Walker
William Waln Henry Wertz, Jr. Joseph Warton
Samuel Wharton Rev. William White Jacob C. Wikoff
Jasper Yeates

Land Papers, 1684-1838

Miscellaneous papers, 2 cu. ft.

General Accounts, 1761-1840

Accounts, 2.5 cu. ft., including day books, 1811-1823, 5 vols., of Dr. John Anderson; as well as miscellaneous accounts of the Bedford County Court House and Prison; of the Bedford Academy; of the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Company; of the Allegheny Bank of Pennsylvania, Bedford; and of the Bedford and Stoystown Turnpike Company.

Bedford Mineral Springs Records, 1762-1904

Included are 1.3 cu. ft. of accounts, 1796-1887; broadsides, 1832-1840; land papers, 1762-1817; legal papers, 1854-1882; pamphlets, 1825-1904; and photographs, 1817-1898. Also found is correspondence, 1832-1887, with the following individuals:

Robert H. Awl Thomas R. Bird James Boyd
John H. Briggs Charles Brodhead John H. Carroll
Thomas Carstairs John Cessna Mrs. S. S. Halderman Chickies
John Devereux Henry A. Dreer George Espy
William H. Hager John H. Hampton F. A. Kelker
George W. Lyon Henry McCormick Wistar Morris
H. B. Pennock George Wharton Pepper Edmund J. Plowden
M. S. Quay Cadwalader Ringgold Dr. Fairfax Schley
Joseph Swift A. B. Warford

Papers of George Woods, 1762-1827

Papers of George Woods (d. 1795), a noted surveyor, who laid out the city of Pittsburgh, 1784; treasurer of Bedford County, 1773, 1774; member of the General Assembly, 1773; member of the Committee of Correspondence, Bedford County, 1774, 1775; colonel of the Second Battalion, Bedford County Militia from 1776 until the end of the Revolution; member of the Supreme Executive Council, 1777-1779; member of the State Board of Property, 1788, 1789; judge of Bedford County courts, 1790; and grandfather of Mary Espy Anderson. Included are land papers, 1762-1808; accounts, including the estate settlement, 1795-1827; and correspondence, with such correspondents as:

Thomas Astley William Barton Baynton, Wharton & Morgan
Frederick R. Beates Mark John Biddle Ephraim Blaine
Hugh Henry Brackenridge James Bringhurst David Brodhead
James Burnside George Campbell John Canan
Andrew Carson Patrick Cassidy John Cessna
George Chambers Benjamin Chew George Clymer
John R. Coates Thomas Collins Charles Coxe
James Coxe John Coxe William Coxe
Thomas Crossan James Dickinson Henry Drinker, Jr.
Thomas Duncan George Elder Samuel Finley
Alexander Fullerton Robert Galbraith Mary Gettys
Josiah W. Gibbs Sebastian Graff Reuben Haines
James Hamilton Edward Hand James Harris
John Heaton Michael Hillegas Levi Hollingsworth
R. L. Hooper, Jr. James Hunter Jared Ingersoll
William Irvine Joseph Kirkbride William Lane
George Latimer Nathan Lufborough John Lukens
William Lyons John McKissick John Marshall
Hugh Means John F. Mifflin William Montgomery
Benjamin R. Morgan Israel Morris Robert Morris
William Mott Richard Neave, Jr. John Nicholson
John Nixon James Orbison John Ormsby
Jeremiah Parker William Parker Richard Peters
Jonathan Potts Samuel Powell Augustus Prevost
James Purviance, Jr. John H. Purviance Robert Purviance
Samuel Rhoads James Ross Dr. Benjamin Rush
William Sheaff Robert Sinclaire John Skinner
John Smith Thomas Smith Samuel Stillman
Richard Tea William H. Tod Joseph Vickroy
John Wells George Wescott Joseph Wharton
John Woods John Young

Papers of David Espy, 1771-1804

Papers of David Espy (b. 1730, d. 1795), lawyer; member of the Council of Public Safety, 1776; colonel of the Bedford County Militia, 1776; prothonotary of Bedford County, 1778-1790; and father of Mary Espy Anderson. Correspondents include James Armstrong, A. J. Dallas, Daniel Duncan, Benjamin Elliot, William Hartley, David Hoge, John Hubley, John Nicholson, John Ormsby, Thomas Smith, James Trimble, Samuel Waugh, John Woods and Paul Zantzinger. Also present are legal papers, 1771-1795, and accounts, including estate settlement, 1795-1804.

Papers of Espy L. Anderson, 1820-1872

Papers, 1.5 cu. ft., of Espy L. Anderson (b. 18 10, d. 1866), son of Dr. John Anderson and Mary Espy Anderson. Included are accounts, 1820-1872, and printed items, 1839-1858, including Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Transportation Department of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad, 1858. Correspondents include:

Major William Watson Anderson
(Civil War letters, 1861-1865)

Thomas R. Bird James Blaine
Thomas S. Blair James Boyd John H. Briggs
Benjamin Chambers George Chambers, Jr. Samuel Chew
Andrew Gregg Curtin John White Geary Jacob M. Haldeman
Francis Jordan Kelker & Brothers J. H. McCauley
Henry McCormick Charles B. Penrose Rev. Alonzo Potter
James Ross Casper Shunk Richard Smith
Thomas Smith Thaddeus Stevens A. B. Taliaferro
S. Morris Waln John Watson

Papers of William Watson Anderson, 1857-1866

Papers of William Watson Anderson (b. 1839, d. 1865), son of Espy L. Anderson; major, 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry; killed at Harpers Ferry, 1865. Papers contain Civil War letters, 1861-1865; correspondence with John Cessna, William Orbison, and A. S. Russell; accounts, 1860-1866; military papers, 1861-1865; and photographs, n. d.

Family Papers, 1762-1900

Included are papers of the following family members:


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