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Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Bureau of Archives and History
Pennsylvania State Archives


[ca. 1830-1974]
600 cu. ft.

Records (minutes, reports, photographs, maps, drawings, timetables, accounts, etc.) relating to the former Pennsylvania Railroad, together with records of other railroads which have operated in Pennsylvania. Included also are materials of a general character relative to the administrative and operational history of the railroad industry, nationally and internationally.

Related materials are also housed the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg.

Individual Collections

Advisory Mechanical Committee

Aspen Historical Society Donation

John D. Bartle Collection

Thomas Bateman Collection

Edward H. Bowers Collection

William J. Brown, Jr. Collection

Joseph Costello Collection

Luther Cummings Collection

William R. Dapp Collection

J.N. DuBarry Photograph Album

Wayne T. Ellis Collection

Walter A.W. Fister Collection

Railroad Photographs {#199m.57} (mostly Reading R.R. and a few other railroads)

box 1

box 2

box 3

box 4

box 5

box 6

Personal Files of Walter A. W. Fister {#199m.58}

box 1

box 6

Samuel T. Freeman Auction - Dewire Collection

E.P. Gangewere Collection, 1943-1960.

Richard B. Hain Collection

George M. Hart Collection

Howard G. Hill Collection

Ralph Hull Donation

Charles F. Kindred Collection

Walter A. Lucas Stereographs

William M. McFarlan Collection

Harry W. Michaels Collection

Joseph E. Muckley Donation

Elwin Mumford Collection

Robert E. Phillips Collection

Reading Railroad Company Collection

Charles B. Schlegel Collection

Paul Seel Collection

James H. Stevenson Collection

Michael J. Winey Collection

Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Records

Thomas T. Taber Collection

General Collections

Audio-Visual Collections

Architectural Maps and Drawings

PA State Archives Hours, Directions, & Fees Research Topics Finding Aids for Collections Land Records