Manuscript Group 288
10 cu. ft.

This collection was donated by Mr. Daniel B. Mitchell, Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Data Service. These are the original, official, governmental meteorological records for Pennsylvania.

The collection includes Winds-Aloft Computation Sheets (WBAN-20), for U.S. Weather Bureau Stations at Harrisburg, 1967-1971, Philadelphia, 1967-1973, Pittsburgh, 1967-1973 and Williamsport, 1967-1974. Winds-Aloft Computation Charts (WBAN-22), originating from the U.S. Weather Bureau Stations at Bellefonte, July 1930-April 1935, Curwensville, July 1948-April 1952, Harrisburg, November 1938-June 1957, Kylertown, May 1935-1942, Philadelphia, July 1940-July 1948, Phillipsburg, 1943-June 1948, Pittsburgh, 1934-1964, and Williamsport, May 1952-June 1957 are also included. Finally, Summary of Constant Pressure Charts (WBAN-33) from the U.S. Weather Bureau at Pittsburgh, list temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, and related data for the years 1946-1973.

Note: Accession folder correspondence notes that the National Climate Center (NCC) remains the official repository and only agency authorized to give certified or authenticated copies of these records for court or other purposes.

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