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Manuscript Group 499
30 cubic feet

* * * These records are held at the Anthracite Heritage Museum, Scranton, PA. * * *

The Scranton Lace Company Records are housed at the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum in Scranton. To arrange an appointment to consult the records call the Site Administrator at 570-963-4804. The Scranton Lace Curtain Manufacturing Company was established by the Scranton Board of Trade in 1890 and was incorporated on June 15, 1897. The name Scranton Lace Company became standardized in 1916 when the Scranton Lace Curtain Manufacturing Company and one of its subsidiaries combined their operations. On May 13, 1958, the company changed its name to The Scranton Lace Corporation, but soon thereafter reverted back to using the name The Scranton Lace Company as its official title. The Scranton Lace Company's main office was located on Meylert Avenue in Scranton, but the company also had offices in Kingston, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California. From 1916 to 2002 the company remained the first and largest known producer of Nottingham Lace in the United States. They produced tablecloths, napkins, valences, and shower curtains, among many other types of lace items. During the 1940s, the company teamed up with subsidiaries such as Victory Parachutes, Inc. and Sweeney Bros. to manufacture parahutes and camouflage netting. Though the company prospered well into the 1950s, risky investments involving Hal Roach Studios and the fledgling television industry placed the company in financial peril and eventually led to its closure in 2002. Many prominent Scrantonians were involved in the Scranton Lace Company. The presidents included J. Benjamin Dimmick, Paul B. Belin, N.G. Robertson, and H. J. Megargel. Other important figurs were Henry Belin, Jr., H.J. Hall, Charles Muller, W.E. Jones, C.W. Belin, Henry Belin III, and W.E. Perry. Mr. Harry Weinberg, a prominent Scranton philanthropist, got his start in the company's accounting department.

The collection includes capital and common stock records, 1914-1972; supply contract books, 1903-1922; general ledgers, 1923-1982; trial balances, 1915-1928; cash books and journals, 1907-1978; factory/manufacturing ledgers [cost and expanse ledgers], 1940-1982; plant inventory and depreciation records, 1902-1943; general correspondence, 1898-1947; mill mail, 1941-1942; pattern books, 1904-1985; industrial trade catalogs, 1870-1940; company policy and procedure manuals, 1947-1961; payroll books and salary reports, 1910-1983; and a diverse sampling of lace patterns, production forms, and employee time sheets.

Representative subsidiary and affiliate records include Brager-Gutman, Inc. and Subsidiary, 1968-1969; Cortland Corp., 1943-1944; Craftspun Yarns, Inc., 1946-1960; Hal Roach Studios and affiliates, 1953-1963; Scranton Lace Company of California, 1929-1942; Scranton Lace Company of New York, 1948-1950; Scranton Transit Co. and predecessors, 1887-1975; Sweeney Bros., 1922-1960; United States Lace Curtain Mills, 1903-1942; and Victory Parachute, Inc., 1942-1946.

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