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Series Descriptions

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Arranged alphabetically.

The correspondence includes folders titled: General Correspondence, 1931-1955; General Correspondence, 1956-1967; General Correspondence, 1951-1985; and Research Correspondence, 1955-1985. Correspondence or topics listed are: Archives, Whitfield J. Bell, Evelyn A. Benson, Bicentennial, Robert L. Bloom, Lois Given-Bobb, Book Reviews, Bouquet Project, Bouquet Research, Cumberland County Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Willliam W. Hummel, Francis P. Jennings, Junior Historians, Philip S. Klein, Giles H. Mills, National Historical Publications and Records Commission, Pennsylvania Historical Association, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Project Reviews, Homer T. Rosenberger, Mrs. Lawrence M.C. Smith, State Historical Records Advisory Board, James B. Stevenson, Thank You Letters, Charles G. Webb, Willliam J. Wewer, and Warner F. Woodring.

Bibliography of Pennsylvania Note Cards,
ca. 1941.
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Arranged alphabetically by serial or publication.

The Bibliographic Note Cards are grouped randomly by topic or source, such as: Bibliography-Pennsylvania; Revolution; Fort Augusta; French Archives; Canadia MSS.; Local Mss.; Newspapers, etc.; Calendars; Haldiman Papers; W. Penn Bibliography; Brule; Map Bibliography; Braddock Campaign; Clements Library; Clements Library-Hamar Papers; Detroit Public Library- Burton Historical Collection; Friends' Historical Library, Swarthmore; Public Archives of Canada-Indian Records; and Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Research Note Cards,
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Arranged randomly by topic or source.

The Research Note Cards include the following topics: Indian Claim Cases; Archives of Maryland; R. Butler Journal; Burnet-Letter of Members of the Continental Congress; Cadwalader Collection; Claus Papers; Colonial Records; Council at Pittsburgh, 1776; Draper Collection; Gage Papers; Gratz Collection; Harmar Papers; Hutchins Papers; Indians, Misc. Materials; Irvine Papers; Johnson Papers; Logan Papers; Minutes of Pennsylvania Assembly; Moravian Archives; Morgan Letter Books; National Archives; New York Colonial Documents; Niagara Historical Society Publications; O'Reilly Papers; P.C.C. Series; Pennsylvania Archives; Penn MSS Indian Affairs; Penn MSS Wm. Penn Letter Books; P.R.O. Co.; Philadelphia Deeds; Society Miscellaneous Collection; Wayne Papers; Indian Records; Haldiman Papers; Public Archives of Canada; Indian Chiefs; Indian Records; Phelps Papers; Pickering Papers; Kirkland Papers; Bibliography and Lists; Indians; Harris; Pickering; APS; HSP; Craig Papers; New State; T. Penn; Croghan-Wharton Deals; Six Nation Organization; Land Sales Procedure; Land Title; Pennsylvania Land Title; Women; Indian Lists; A.P.S.; Maps; Boundary; Cornplanter; Kiasutha; Fort Stanwix Talk Material; Copper; Adlum Talk; Historic Properties Talks; Brule, and Bibliography for Report.

Research Materials,
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Arranged alphabetically by subject.

The research materials include: John Adlum; Bastille MSS; Benson Report; Berkhoffer Report; Bonne Camps Survey Notes; Bougainville Journal; Boundary; Braddock's Defeat; Brule; Canandaigua Treaty Material; Chemung Occupation; Chippewa Case, Bauman Testimony; Contrecouer Papers; Deardorff; Cornplanter's Reburial; Deardorff on Iroquois; Deardorff Notes; De Lery Journal; Erie County; Erie War of the Gauges; Fort Necessity; Franklin Treaties; Benjamin Fuller and Robert Proud (HSP Photostats); John Harris; Haughton Map Locating Indians; Indian Claims; Indian Sources; Indian Legends; Indian Title, Tee-Hit-Ton Indian Case; Joincaire Memoir; Lake Erie Shore; La Pause Memoir; Map List; Maps; Mingoes; John Nicholson; O'Reilly Papers; William Penn; Pennsylvania Indian Commissioners Proceedings; Pennsylvania Indian Relations; Pickering; Windsor Pierce; Royal Archives, Cumberland Papers; Shenango; Statues at Large I Appendix; Swedes; Tiadaghton; Washington Journal; Western Boundary; and Battle of Wyoming.

Research Materials - Publications,
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Arranged alphabetically by subject.

This series is arranged alphabetically and a sample includes: American Ethnological Society Proceedings of the 1957 Annual Spring Meeting, Cultural Stability and Change, 1957; American Philosophical Society Proceedings Volume 95, Number 3, 1951, Iroquois Anthropology at the Mid-Century by William N. Fenton and John Witthoft; American Philosophical Society Proceedings, Volume 100, No. 6, 1956, Toward the Gradual Civilization of the Indian Natives: The Missionary and Linguistic Work of Asher Wright (1803-1825) Among the Senecas of Western New York, by William N. Fenton; Les Cahiers Des Dix, Negotiations De Paix (1693-1696) by Leo-Paul Desrosiers; Dictionnaire Canadien-Francais, compiled by Sylva Clapin, 1894; and Iroquois Culture, History, and Prehistory, Proceedings of the 1965 Conference on Iroquois Research, by Elizabeth Tooker.

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