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Series Descriptions

Convention and Conference Files,
(1 box)

{series #477m.1} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of convention or conference.

Programs, correspondence, information packets, and other miscellaneous items related to the yearly conferences held by the Special Court Judges Association of Pennsylvania (SCJAP).

General Correspondence,
(1 box)

{series #477m.2} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Correspondence, including some reports, copies of legislative bills, and other miscellaneous materials, pertaining to the activities of the SCJAP.

General Files,
(3 boxes)

{series #477m.3} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Administrative, historical, and procedural materials are contained in the first two boxes of this series. By-laws, manuals, as well as a history of the SCJAP, written in 1991, are included. The last box contains three separate wooden boxes, each holding a bible from the Catholic, Jewish, or Protestant religions. These are examples of bibles which were presented by the Judges Association to families of deceased justices of courts of initial jurisdication. Also included in the last box are two license plates, one for a state alderman, the other for a justice of the peace.

Meeting Minutes,
(3 boxes)

{series #477m.4} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by fiscal year.

Meeting minutes, correspondence, legislative bills, notes, officers lists, and related files concerning meetings of various SCJAP boards or committees. These groups include: board of directors, general business meetings, legislative committee, reorganization committee and executive committee.

The Journal,
(3 boxes)

{series #477m.5} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

This series contains copies of The Journal, the monthly newsletter published by the SCJAP. The run of publications begins with the Vol. 1, No. 2 edition from November of 1975 and continues up through the March 2015 installment. There is a complete set of Journals covering the time period from June 1986 through March 2015, with the largest gap in the sequence spanning the issues from July 1983 through May 1986. Topics covered include legislative updates, general Association news, committee meeting summaries, committee appointments, lists of Association officials, awards recipients, association elections and membership, changes in court costs, rules, and other sundry items. Beginning in 1991, indexes for the previous year's issues are included. Also present are print outs of related web pages from 2015.

The Pennsylvania Magistrates' Reporter,
(5 boxes)

{series #477m.6} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

The Reporter was the journal of the Pennsylvania Magistrates Association, a forerunner of the SCJAP. The publication was titled Minor Judiciary before the name was changed in July 1946. Ironically, the first issue of the newly named journal seems to be missing. It was a monthly publication, except for a few sporadic issues which included two months of material. The topics covered were very similar to those discussed in The Journal, including committee lists, legislative reports, articles pertaining to the state's judiciary system, etc.

The Berks County Magistrates Association Minutes,
(1 carton)

{series #477m.7} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Volumes containing minutes of the Berks County Magistrates' Assoiciation, 1932-1968. The items are contaminated with mold, and thus are not available for research. They were placed in secure storage on September 21, 2004.

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