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{series #17.158}

*Images of Each Index Page*

Below are links to the scanned pages of the Patent Tract Name Indexes. These books do not contain actual patents, but serve as indexes to the original land patents granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the dates 1684-1957. Like the Patent Indexes to the A, AA, P and H series of patents {series #17.147, 17.154 and 17.155}, the Tract Name Index is grouped chronologically according to the A, AA, P and H breakdowns. Unlike the regular Patent Indexes, however, the Tract Name Index is then arranged alphabetically by the name given to the tract of land, rather than by the name of the person to whom the patent was awarded. From the years of the Penn proprietorship up until 1811-1812, patent tracts were given names to make it easier to track them when they later changed ownership. Information provided in the Patent Tract Name Index for each tract of land is the name of patentee, the date of the patent, the acres and perches patented, the name of the warrantee, the date of the warrant, the county where located and the volume, book and page number where the patent is recorded. The first volume covers Patent Books A-AA, and the other three cover P1-20 (1781-1794), P20-P36 (1792-1800), and P35-65 (1799-1809) respectively. The scans were produced from the microfilm of the volumes, digitized rolls LO 1.20-1.22.

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PA State Archives Hours, Directions, & Fees Research Topics Online Catalog Land Records