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RECORD GROUPS at the Pennsylvania State Archives

The following is a list of government records currently available for research at the Pennsylvania State Archives. The records are arranged and listed by series within record groups. Though most of the records groups correspond to Executive Branch department-level agencies of State Government, groups were also created to describe the archives of the Provincial and Revolutionary governments, the General Assembly, Supreme and Superior Courts, and County and Municipal governments.

The record series are listed under the agency of origin or under the governmental unit which may have inherited the records and functions of a predecessor agency. Records are often further classified by subgroups that correspond to administrative units of the agency or defunct departments or commissions whose records and functions were transferred to that agency. Sometimes the records of a subgroup have been further divided according to division or section. In a few instances, series within a record group have been arranged according to subject matter. Record series are listed in alphabetical order within the groups or subject headings. It should be noted that many of the administrative units within the individual departments have undergone frequent reorganization and changes in name. Consequently, some series are listed under a particular bureau or division that may have merely transferred the records to the custody of the State Archives. Preceding the series listing for each record group is a brief administrative history.

For purposes of administrative control, local public records transferred to the State Archives are accessioned into three record groups, Record Group 47, Records of County Governments, Records Group 48, Records of Municipal Governments, and Record Group 55, Records of School Districts.

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PA State Archives Hours, Directions, & Fees Research Topics Finding Aids for Collections Land Records