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Allegheny to Fayette Counties
Forest to Perry Counties
Pike to York Counties

The Pennsylvania State Archives holds the following warrantee township maps, which show all original land purchases from the Proprietors or the Commonwealth made inside the boundaries of present-day townships. In essence, these maps serve as a summary and geographical index for the warrants, surveys and patents held by the State Archives. Information usually shown for each tract of land includes: name of warrantee, name of patentee, number of acres, name of tract, and dates of warrant, survey and patent. Survey and patent numbers also may be given.

Warrantee maps have been produced ONLY for the specific townships in the counties listed in the links above. When the Land Office began fashioning these useful tools, there was no “master plan” governing which townships were mapped and which were not. Initially, maps were created for counties in which there was a great interest in the original warrantees and patentees, such as Lancaster and Dauphin. The northern tier counties were also mapped because they were deemed to be easier to fabricate, having primarily rectangular tracts of similar sizes. Other township maps were created because their particular county or region was a favorite of a specific Land Office worker. The map project ended in the mid-1990s, with no new warrantee township maps presently being produced by the State Archives.

In addition to the warrantee township maps, the Archives holds connected drafts, worksheets for connected drafts, survey outlines, and various other maps that contain differing amounts of warrant, survey, and patent data. Most of the maps focus on a limited area of warrant tracts within a particular locality, unlike the warrantee township maps, which depict all tracts present within a particular township.

Section of the City of Pittsburgh's Warrantee Township Map

PA State Archives Hours, Directions, & Fees Research Topics Online Catalog Land Records