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Records of the Land Office
{series #17.522}

In addition to its collection of warrantee township maps, the Pennsylvania State Archives holds connected drafts, worksheets for connected drafts, survey outlines, and various other maps that contain differing amounts of warrant, survey, and patent data. Most of the maps focus on a limited area of warrant tracts within a particular locality, unlike the warrantee township maps, which depict all tracts present within a particular township. The connected drafts have been arranged by the current county in which the tracts are located, and may be accessed by following the county links listed below. More counties and maps will be added in the future. Please continue to check back for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the maps include a paragraph explaining where the lands depicted were located when they were initally surveyed. Where possible, the present-day township(s) have been noted; however, the researcher must determine the exact location of the tracts. Generally municipal boundaries, watercourses, roads and other pertinent surface features are not shown, but they may appear on some of the maps. The Pennsylvania County Municipalities Map, the Pennsylvania Genealogical Map of the Counties, and the Pennsylvania Political Subdivisions Map may be of some assistance when trying to pin down exactly where these tracts lie in the present day. In addition, many of the maps which contain parcels near former (or current) county borders may include portions of land from the bordering county or counties that are not noted in the specific map titles. It is advisable to researchers to also search counties which border your county of interest for a particular tract.

Bedford County
(also includes maps with portions of Cumberland, Fulton, Huntingdon, and Somerset counties)
Centre County
(also includes maps with portions of Blair, Clinton, and Huntingdon counties)
Huntingdon County
(also includes maps with portions of Blair, Cambria, and Clearfield counties)
(also includes maps with portions of Huntingdon and Mifflin Counties)

PA State Archives Hours, Directions, & Fees Research Topics Online Catalog Land Records