Establishing Preservation Priorities

Answering the following questions can offer guidance in evaluating projects, setting priorities, and determining outcomes.

  • Stewardship - does the project enhance the organization's stewardship of the cemetery?
  • Respect - does the project respect the qualities that make the cemetery significant?
  • Consistency - is the project consistent with the overall preservation philosophy and needs for the burial ground?
  • Significance - does the project improve a historically or archaeologically significant feature or adversely affect the feature?
  • Visibility - is the project aesthetically important or prominently located within the cemetery?
  • Safety - does the project eliminate or reduce existing or potential safety hazards?
  • Public Interest - is this a project that will generate public interest and support?
  • Condition - does this project protect a deteriorating resource or improve an unsightly area?
  • Funding - are funds available for the project from either public or private sources?
  • Management - will the project generate additional maintenance needs and, if so, have the needs been addressed?