Wind is a renewable resource. Energy can be created from the movement of the wind. Wind is created over the earth's surface due to uneven heating patterns of the atmosphere. When the wind is caught in mill propellers, the propeller shaft is forced to rotate and turn a generator creating electricity. Wind power has also been used for more than 1,100 years to do simple tasks such as pumping water and grinding grain. This source of energy is emission free and constantly available with continuous wind flow.

Pennsylvania has the capacity to generate enough wind power to significantly contribute to the overall electrical market. The mountains located in the southwest corner of the commonwealth offers the best area with constant blustery winds.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania leads the east coast in wind generated electricity with a total of 153 megawatts produced per year. In 2003, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection estimated that 4% of state land has the potential to provide 30% of the state’s energy demand.

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