Historic Resource Survey Forms

The BHPcollects information on historic and cultural resources in Pennsylvania. This information comes from a variety of sources ranging from firms engaged in cultural resource management, municipality and county governments, to private citizens interested in the history of their property or community. TheBHP collects this information on Historic Resource Survey Forms (HRSF). The HRSFs listed beloware a samplingof subdivisions and residential districts built primarily between 1945 and 1965.

It is important to note thatHRSFsonly represent the resources for which wehave received information,many postwar resources have not been evaluated by our office and thus are undocumented in our files. The HRSFs listed here are available inPDF format(please click on the name for the file to open the document). Please go to our Cultural Resources Geographic Information System (CRGIS) which is a web access map-based inventory to search foradditional resources. In addition, the paper copies of the HRSFs are located in our office in Harrisburg, and the files are open to the public. Please contact our office if you wish to make an appointment to see the files.


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County Resource Name