Anthracite Railroad Record Collections at the Pennsylvania State Archives

The Pennsylvania State Archives has extensive holdings on the anthracite railroads of eastern Pennsylvania, but they reside in various distinct collections, as listed below. By definition, an anthracite railroad hauled anthracite coal as one of its primary sources of freight traffic, and/or owned an anthracite mine. The principal carriers included the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Reading Company, the Lehigh Valley, the Delaware & Hudson, the Central Railroad of New Jersey, the Lehigh & New England, the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, the Erie-Lackawanna, the New York, Ontario & Western, the Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley, the New York, Susquehanna & Western, the Wilkes Barre & Eastern, and the Lehigh & Hudson River railroads.

Researchers will find the following holdings and related records:

Central Railroad of New Jersey

Delaware & Hudson Railroad

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad

Erie Railroad

Erie-Lackawanna Railway

Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railway

Lehigh & Hudson River Railway

Lehigh & New England Railroad

Lehigh Valley Railroad

New York, Ontario & Western Railway

New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway/Wilkes Barre & Eastern Railroad

  • Pennsylvania Railroad Philadelphia & Reading Railway/Reading Company.
    Wilkes Barre & Eastern Railroad Other General Sources of Anthracite Railroad Information:

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    (Acknowledgements: Chris Baer-Hagley Museum & Library; Craig Orr-National Museum of American History Archives, Smithsonian Institution; Richard Jahn-Anthracite Railroads Historical Society; Rick Bates-Reading Company Technical & Historical Society; Michael Knies-University of Scranton Archives; Patrick McKnight-Steamtown National Historic Site)